Yvonne Coomber

About the artist

Yvonne Coomber
Yvonne Coomber


United Kingdom


    Brownston Gallery, Modbury
    Art at Five, Brighton
    Lyndhurst Gallery, Lyndhurst
    The Store Street Gallery, Bloomsbury
    Imagaination Gallery, St Ives


    My paintings are inspired by the gentle hills and the singing rainbows of tumbling, spilling, flowers outside my studio which is nestled deeply in the folds of Devon.

    Painting for me is a love affair: I am profoundly passionate about it, it grips my heart tightly and I yearn for it when I am away. I am both a dreamer and a believer. I work very intuitively and instinctively, creating a space in which I allow the image to evolve and unravel. My practice demands that I am courageous and openhearted and it always involves risk. It is also an eternal search for truth. I feel things with a burning intensity and my canvas provides a container for these huge emotions.

    Seduced by color I perceive the world accordingly. My palette is blazing and lyrical by turns, with hot and vibrant hues inspired by the many journeys I have made in my life. I almost always work outside so howling gales and gentle breezes have as much influence on my painting as lacy ice and scorching sunshine. The weather, in a very immediate way, directs the end result of the image.

    My paintings are also concerned with something that is often overlooked and forgotten, a sacred space within ourselves and in the land. The images I create embrace wildness, innocence and a deep connection to the earth. My most recent work is sourced from close examination of Dartmoor and the exploding kaleidoscopic hedgerows on the edges of ancient paths, walkways and lanes in the surrounding area.

    I am fascinated by chaos and order existing simultaneously and the easy harmony that occurs in the natural world between these two forces. Also the relationship between fragility and strength. My canvas becomes a visual response to these elemental energies and polarities discovered within the environment and myself.

    My work is a celebration of the joy and ultimate purity of the human spirit and embraces all that is magical: the unseen is as relevant as the seen in the finished piece


    Yvonne has lived a colourful and textured life and this is reflected in her paintings. Through her work she embraces poetry of structure to support the poetry that is inherent in her subject.

    She was brought up on a farm and spent a large portion of her childhood in the Emerald Isle, her mothers homeland. She was greatly influenced by the simplicity and beauty that was woven into the land there, and shaped by the gentle passion that ran through the people and culture. Surrounded by music and magic she developed a love of life early on.

    Inspired by the world and all it contained, Yvonne travelled widely in her twenties with a thirst for exploration and discovery. She spent time living and working in the Middle East, Australia, Africa and Europe. One of her most formative journeys was spent with a horse-drawn community in England, discovering ancient, sacred and forgotten parts of our land.

    Her spirit of curiosity and deep enquiry led her to pursue a degree in philosophy and literature at Brighton University. Yvonne's creative life continued with the birth of her daughter Poppy and a formal fine art training in Sussex. Recently she has relocated to the south west and now works full time as a professional artist.

    Exhibition History

    2010  Manchester Art Fair (Represented by The Paragon Gallery)
    2010  Paragon Gallery, 'My Hearts Garden' (Solo), Exeter, Devon
    2010  The Brownston Gallery, 'Someone Painted Pictures' (Solo), Modbury, Devon
    2010  Art at Five Gallery, 'Between Seasons' (Trio), Brighton, East Sussex
    2010   Chelsea Art Fair, (Represented by The Brownston Gallery)
    2010  AAF Battersea, (Represented by Bell Fine Art)
    2010  AAF Bristol, (Represented by The Brownston Gallery)
    2010  Edinburgh Art Fair (Represented by Art at Five Gallery)
    2010  Glasgow Art Fair, (Represented by Art at Five Gallery)
    2010  Bell Fine Art, Winchester
    2010  Cambridge Art Fair, (Represented by Art at Five Gallery)
    2010  Imagianation Gallery, S Ives
    2009  The Brownston Gallery 'Let Us Dance in the Sun' (Solo), Modbury, South Devon
    2009  AAF Bristol, (Represented by The Brownston Gallery)
    2009  Edinburgh Art Fair (Represented by Art at Five Gallery)
    2009  Glasgow Art Fair, (Represented by Art at Five Gallery)
    2009   Cambridge Art Fair, (Represented by Art at Five Gallery)
    2009   Art at Five, "Dreamscapes' (Trio) 'Brighton,
    2009  Paragon Gallery, Exeter
    2008  Dartmouth Community College, Dartmouth (Residence)
    2008  AAF Bristol (Represented by The Brownston Gallery)
    2008  Pier Head Gallery, Exmouth, Devon
    2008  Artist in Residency Dartmouth Community College
    2008  The Brownston Gallery, 'The Bright Side of Life' (Solo), Modbury, Devon
    2008  Art At Five Gallery, 'Seduction', Brighton, East Sussex
    2007  The Brownston Gallery, 'Footsteps and Mememories' Modbury, Devon (Solo)
    2007  Over The Moon Gallery, 'The Magic Of The Land', St. Agnes, Cornwall (Two woman Show)
    2007  Devon Artists Network, 'Love Lives Here', Totnes, Devon (solo)
    2007  Theatre Royal, 'Heaven and Earth', Plymouth (Solo)
    2007  The Flavel Contemporary Arts Centre, 'Summertime', Dartmouth (Solo)
    2007  Over The Moon Gallery, 'Spring', St Agnes, Cornwall (Solo)
    2007  The Brownston Gallery, Modbury, South Devon
    2007  Dittisham Village Hall, 'The Dittisham Arts Festival', Dittisham, Devon
    2007  Ainscough Contemporary Art Gallery, Dartmouth, South Devon
    2007  Bluemoon Gallery, Tunbridge Wells, Sussex
    2007  Bel-Ami, 'Festival of Flowers', Honiton, Devon (Three Woman Show)
    2007  Greenaway, 'The Great Create, Galmpton, Devon
    2006  Pig Finka, 'Charity Auction For Youth Enquiry Service',Kingsbridge, Devon
    2006  Nine Days of Art,'Yvonne Coomber', South Devon (solo)
    2006  The Church House Inn, 'Hidden Hearts', Maldon, Devon (solo)
    2006  Rumours,'You Touch the Spaces Inbetween', Totnes, Devon (solo)
    2006  Over the Moon Gallery, St Agnes, Cornwall
    2006  Dartmouth Regatta, Dartmouth, Devon
    2006  Ainscough Gallery of Contemporary Art, Dartmouth, Devon
    2006  Bluemoon Gallery, Tunbridge Wells
    2006  The Brownston Gallery, 'Take Two', 'Take Two', Modbury, South Devon (two woman show)
    2006  Art Spaces, Ashburton, South Devon
    2005  Gerrards, Exeter, Devon
    2005  Gallery 22, 'Small Originals', Ashburton, Devon
    2005  Over the Moon Gallery, St Agnes, Cornwall
    2005  Arthouse Gallery, 'Cutting Edge', Brighton, East Sussex
    2005  Rumours, 'Moors Poem', Totnes, Devon (solo)
    2005  Nine Days of Art, 'September', Totnes, Devon (solo)
    2005  Newcross, Berry Pomeroy, Devon
    2005  The Great Barn, 'Art Bar Live', Higher Ashton, Devon
    2005  Independant Collective, Birdwood House, Totnes, Devon
    2005  Riverford Farm Kitchen Opening, 'Wild Things', South Devon (solo)
    2005  Rill Centre, Totnes, Devon
    2004  Fat Lemons 'Wooded Walk', Totnes, Devon (solo)
    2003  The Carved Angel, 'Inside', Dartrmouth, Devon
    2003  Dartmouth Contemporary Art Show, 'Coastal Inspirations', Dartmouth, Devon
    2003  Available Space, 'Together', Exeter, Devon
    2003  Polka Dot Gallery, 'Valentine', Exeter, Devon
    2003  The Phoenix Arts & Media Centre, 'Fresh Vision', Exeter, Devon
    2002  Worthing Library, 'Floating', Worthing, West Sussex
    2002  The Hanover Community Centre, 'Magikal Earth', Brighton, East Sussex
    2002  Union Gallery, 'Lanterns', Worthing, West Sussex
    2001  Brighton Festival Open Houses, Brighton, East Sussex
    2001  Inside Out Designs, Brighton, East Sussex
    2001  The Hanover Community Centre, 'Yvonne Coomber & Friends', Brighton Festival, Brighton, East Sussex
    2000  The Ray Tindel Centre, 'H.A.G.S.', Brighton, East Sussex