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Beautiful Paintings & Prints Inspired By Nature, Love & Wild Places by British Contemporary Painter Yvonne Coomber

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Vibrant Sparkling & Joyful Wildflower Paintings By Yvonne Coomber

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“The most beautiful paintings in the world. I have one and it brings me joy every day. Thank you.”
Charles Minton
“Your painting has been transformational. I am deeply grateful.”
Karen Longsworth
“Very uplifting, so much joy in your pictures. Inspiring, thank you.”
Sally Sarmer
“Beautiful, stunning. So much of your soul put into these paintings. Thank you.”
Arron Wills
I can’t thank you enough, I’m sure going to be in louises good books on xmas morning.
Jane Pickard
The painting has arrived safely this morning so thank you! I just wanted to add my sincere thanks to you for painting it for us! It brought tears to my eyes when I saw it and I can’t stop looking at it! The more you look the more you see! It will always have a special place in our house so thank you!!!!!
Best wishes
Nicky Marrett
I bought my picture and absolutely love it – makes me smile every day!
Claudine Mcmaster
We would definitely like Yvonne to name Megan’s painting please. I don’t believe I’ve seen a title of one of her works that I haven’t liked. The painting is truly beautiful Sarah….bright, warming, restful and serene…perfectly mirroring Megan’s contented and ‘sunny’ personality.
Penny Washbrook
Just wanted to write and let you know how much I enjoy your painting “Your Love Shines”. I bought it to celebrate my third anniversary with my partner, and to hang in my new home. I am a country girl and the wildness and warmth of the painting touches me. I don’t believe I know much about art – only what I like and don’t like – but I can honestly say that this is the first time I have knowingly had, and keep having an emotional response to a piece of work. I love it so much – it makes me smile everyday. Thankyou!

Anna Males
I just felt compelled to write to you as your art is the most beautiful I have ever seen. I walked past an art shop window in Dartmouth last year and was stopped dead in my tracks by one of your brightly coloured floral paintings. I adore it.
Jessica Needs
Painting has just arrived and is absolutely beautiful. It is beyond expectation. I am so pleased I was moved to tears. Please thank Yvonne for this lovely momento of my mum.
Clare Grange
Never before has a picture spoken to me like yours have.
Lauren Budd
Your art conveys such beauty.
Fiona David
Stunning .. The detail and colours are simply beautiful
Paula McCree
I have just discovered your work and I’m totally in love!
Rebecca Claire Tracey
I could look at your painting all day.
Catherine Pidwell