Lampshades by Yvonne Coomber

Dare to be different, add a peek of personality to your room with bold colours and an inspirational design. These handmade lampshades are the result of a collaboration with R A Smart, leading provider of screen printing and weaving systems in the UK. The shape allows light to pour from the ceiling and has enough space to hide and diffuse the bulb so it’s just the perfect amount of warm glow. The psychedelic pattern provides a bold and interesting centrepiece to any room and is designed to complement the cushions  in the collection. The result? A beautiful mix of pattern and colour throughout your living space. Lampshades can be fitted to table lamps or used as pendant shades from ceiling, and are sure to inspire all those who bask in their honeyed glory. Considering buying a lampshade and a cushion together? Save on postage by choosing the gift set!