Money For Nothing

For Immediate Release

British contemporary artist Yvonne Coomber’s artwork is to appear on BBC television show Money for Nothing. The popular makeover programme showcases fabric printed with Yvonne’s eye-catching floral designs as the team upcycles a vintage sofa.

money for nothing tv show sofa fabric

Breathing new life into the world of fine art, Yvonne Coomber launched her first collection of luxury interiors and fabric cushions in 2016. Each gloriously celebratory design takes inspiration from the tumbling hedgerows, ancient woodland and sprawling landscapes of the lush Devon countryside. Presenting her striking artwork upon handmade cushions rather than the more traditional medium of canvas with which she usually works proved very popular, and it caught the eye of BBC television researchers who contacted Yvonne to see if they could use her gorgeous fabric in an episode of the TV show.

The episode of Money for Nothing featuring Yvonne’s fabric will air on 9th October 2017 on BBC1 at 3:45pm.

The episode will feature The Bristol Upholstery Collective as they attempt to bring a seventies-style sofa back up to date using Yvonne Coomber’s printed fabric. To create the fabric, Yvonne worked with Leigh-Ann Treadwell (highly-talented upholsterer and founder of The Bristol Upholstery Collective), who believes that belongings should express the own personal uniqueness of the consumer; an ethos also championed by Yvonne. The resulting craftsmanship is outstanding, and the television show promises to inspire viewers with this creative artsy makeover project.

Yvonne says, “Although I love working with fabrics I know that my strength lies in painting. The delicacy of the individual wildflowers juxtaposed with the boldness and energy of the paint brings about a wonderful alchemy. So when I started the process of creating fabric, a search began to find a talented small social enterprise to create the fabric with someone who held the same values and ethos as me. When I met Leigh-Ann it was a magical discovery”.

Yvonne Coomber is delighted to have her distinct artwork showcased on national television’s Money for Nothing and can’t wait to see the show when it airs. She says “Thanks to the artistry of the team behind the production of the fabric the results are truly stunning. I hope that the upcycled sofa makes a wonderful feature in somebody’s home!”


 For the Editor:

  • The episode of  Money for Nothing featuring Yvonne’s fabric will air on Monday 9th October 2017 on BBC1 at 3:45pm.
  • To see more of Yvonne’s beautiful art, printed canvasses, fine art cards and more go to
  • For more information, high res images or further comment please contact or 01841 540765
  • Bio: Yvonne Coomber ( is a British contemporary artist based in South Devon who has a loyal global following.  Yvonne’s highly sought-after flowerscape paintings sing of tumbling hedgerows, tangled meadowlands, open moorland and magical forests. They whisper of love. Through her work Yvonne transports the viewer to an effervescent place of happiness; a place where paint smiles. Her mixed media constructions often include glitter, gold leaf and multiple layers of rainbow-strewn glazes and paint that come together to create a perfect harmony. This unique technique encourages her delicate yet sprightly florals to be catapulted up from the canvas in a kaleidoscopic confetti shower of joy. Yvonne’s work is a constant pursuit for beauty and happiness.
  • A blog ‘Money for nothing‘ blog post will be made live after the show has been aired.